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Welcome to the website 4SEASONFRUITS.COM!

"Fruits of four seasons- Each season has a taste"

Western fruits are famous for their unique delicious flavors that can't be found anywhere else, especially when enjoyed right in the garden. The article will introduce to you the famous western fruit garden locations that you should visit when you have the opportunity to come to the West.

The West with charming rivers, sincere, hospitable people and especially fruit-laden orchards. In hot summer days like this, there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious, nutritious and cool fruit plate. When it comes to fruit, it is impossible not to think of the Southwest region , the largest fruit basket in the country, including specialties that anyone who once used will never forget.

Surely everyone of you has eaten fruits such as pomelo, green grapefruit, durian, rambutan, dragon fruit because they are all popular fruits on the market.

And you may not know, fruit has great health benefits. If oranges and tangerines provide nutritious vitamin C, mango is an anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing food. You have a headache, or are stressed, so keep a few bananas handy because it has great effects to help you dispel fatigue. In short, fruit contributes to improving skin, beauty and human health number one.

The above are just a few types of fruit, because when it comes to the concept of fruit, we have countless frequently used fruits, not to mention that our country is a tropical region, so it is even more abundant and diverse.

However, when it comes to fruit, we often overlook and forget about pineapple, a fruit that is very good for health. Pineapple is often used to cook sour soup, fish stock, or eat it alone, to make juice, smoothies. Pineapple also has substances that help reduce inflammation, diuretic, insomnia, summer heat and is extremely rich in vitamin C. Therefore, do not forget this fruit, but add it to your family's daily dessert menu!

Coming to four-season fruits, you will enjoy the delicious taste of Western fruits , excellent quality with unforgettable taste. Not only supplying and distributing fruit in the country, four-season fruits are also imported and exported to other countries such as Russia, the US...

Try to come to  Four Seasons Fruits  to discover the fruits of Vietnam by yourself.


1. Western Cai Be fruit garden (Tien Giang)

As a district of Tien Giang province, Cai Be is a large fruit basket of the Mekong Delta. Visiting the Cai Be fruit orchards in the west , visitors will be surprised by the rows of Hoa Loc sand mango trees, with fruits so low that they can be picked with their hands. It's great to be able to pick, peel and eat by yourself at the orchard.




Cai Be is also the birthplace of many other specialty fruits of the West such as longan, oranges, etc. The tourist attraction is that every orchard is full of such fruit, the quality of the fruit is uniform and very delicious. sweet. The locals are very hospitable. Visitors can eat at the garden and buy take-out at very affordable prices.


2. Vinh Kim orchard (Tien Giang)

Tien Giang is indeed a province that owns many famous fruit gardens in the West . Vinh Kim is not inferior to Cai Be when it comes to many specialty fruits, of which Lo Ren breast milk is a specialty that no tourist visiting Tien Giang has not tasted. With characteristic white milk, glossy peel, sweet taste, Lo Ren breast milk is a famous western fruit across the country and is also exported to many countries. Vinh Kim has also applied GlobalGAP standards in growing and caring for this species of breast milk to bring the most delicious and quality products to tourists and consumers.


The durian gardens with their characteristic aroma when ripe, the red-green rambutan gardens, or the pomelo gardens in Vinh Kim are also interesting destinations for tourists to enjoy fruits in the West.


3. Cai Mon orchard (Ben Tre)

Referring to this place in Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province, no one does not know Cai Mon durian. As a durian variety with large fruit, thin skin but thick rice, flat seeds, Cai Mon durian is the choice of those who like to eat this typical Western fruit . If you like to enjoy, you can definitely see the durian tree firsthand, Cai Mon durian fruit is even more interesting.


Because it's so famous for durian, not everyone knows that in Cai Mon, there are also Hai Hoa green-skinned pomelo orchards and the Chin Hoa yellow rice milk durian variety, as well as rambutans, longans, plums, etc. Visitors come to Cai Mon to enjoy and feel the garden atmosphere of the place where western fruits are concentrated in Ben Tre.


4. My Khanh fruit garden (Can Tho)

Located between Cai Rang and Phong Dien floating markets, My Khanh fruit garden owns more than 20 kinds of western specialty fruits . The attraction of this fruit garden in Can Tho province is that visitors have the opportunity to observe the journey of fruits from the garden to the boat to move on the floating market to the market. Visitors can both visit the garden and enjoy a variety of delicious fruits in the West , all of which have just arrived. Local people are very friendly, visitors are spoiled for enjoying plums, guavas, oranges, tangerines, etc., come to stretch their stomachs and buy a lot of them as gifts for family and friends.


My Khanh is also an ideal tourist destination on the upcoming holidays


5. Vinh Long fruit garden

Everywhere in Vinh Long, there are specialty fruits of the West , so coming to Vinh Long, visitors can enjoy a lot of garden flavors. Coming to the fruit gardens of Vinh Long, visitors will not be able to help but admire when they see the Nam Roi pomelo orchards, each tree has hundreds of fruits, but especially each fruit is round and plump. This is also the home of famous western fruits such as rambutan meeting GlobalGAP standards in Binh Hoa Phuoc, Tam Binh oranges that are both large and succulent, or Ri 6 durian, sugar tangerine, sand mango. …


Everywhere in the western provinces are rows of fruit-laden trees. Tourists choosing to travel to the West promise to have many interesting experiences. With the above recommended places, hopefully visitors will enjoy wonderful holidays and enjoy a lot of fruit flavors of western specialties.


Coming to enjoy western fruits in the gardens is not only enjoying delicious fruits but also a way for tourists to relax after hard working days.

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